Chaz Bono Debuts 'Becoming Chaz' With Girlfriend (PHOTOS)

Chaz Bono premiered his new documentary, 'Becoming Chaz,' at Sundance over the weekend with girlfriend Jennifer Elia by his side. ++

In the movie, which chronicles his female-to-male transition, Chaz is shown getting breast removal surgery (which "terrified" mom Cher), and talking about his sex life and his recovery from drug addiction, according to E! Online.

Chaz explained to the audience why he chose to do the movie - and is working on a sequel.

"I wanted to do this because I wanted to help people," he said. "And I knew that...I could put a face on this issue that people just don't understand because it's a hard one to understand. I wanted to be able to change people's hearts and minds on this."

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