Cheap Activities For The Summer

Here is a list of cheap activities that you can do this summer. You may think that you have done everything possible in your home city but you should have some fresh ideas after this!
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Summer is the favourite season for many because the sun is out, you have some time off work, and there are more options available than just sitting indoors rapped up in a blanket which is normally what happens in winter, right? However, summer can also bring around times of expensive trips and days out (especially if you have kids) so here is a list of cheap activities that you can do this summer. You may think that you have done everything possible in your home city but you should have some fresh ideas after this!

Stargazing - Do you ever stop and just take account of how the world is passing around you? Life can be busy and we spend all our time working hard and looking down at our mobile phones so pausing to relax can really feel good. If you wanted, you could impose a 'no mobile phone' rule to whoever joined you and you could also bring some food and drink. What's more, this can be free and if you find the right location, you will feel all your worries slipping away.

Bike Ride - Again, this is another activity that is free but can open your eyes to some new sights in your city/town. You may say 'well I have walked around my hometown for years so what will be new?' but you will be able to go further on your bike. When we walk, we get tired and turn back but if you make it your aim to discover areas you haven't necessarily been to, you will learn new things about your city. To make it even better, you can pack a picnic and stop off at a park. Also, this will keep you fit!

BBQ - This is an extremely common summer activity but you can change a few things; why not invite your neighbours over to get to know them better? If you throw a lot of BBQs and potentially frustrate the neighbours, why not let them in on it this time? You can cook all sorts of food and it is also a great opportunity to try out different drinks; for example, why not try a virgin spin on a classic Russian drink?

Mini Golf - Every town has a mini golf course somewhere, surely? Many think that mini golf is just for kids but one round later and you will be wondering where your competitive streak has been hiding for all these years. This is a great opportunity to have some fun and spend quality time with friends, family, colleagues, or whoever you wish to spend your time with.

Museum - A common misconception is that museums are expensive but did you know that there are many free museums? Museums can be a great way to learn all about the history of your country or particular area and they can also be fun if they have interactive displays and different ways to interact.

Festival/Gallery - Another fun activity is to go to a music festival or any other festival you have in your area. Summer is filled with all sorts of shows and festivals so why not see what is coming up near you? Some of them will be free (or at least cheap) to enter for you to have a walk around although there will be restrictions for where you can go; even so, most of the stands and additional extras are fairly cheap.

In addition to this, a little bit of research will tell you whether there are any galleries nearby for the summer. For you art lovers, this can be a great way to relax and you can make a day of it by including a picnic (not to sit and eat in front of the artwork but to find a local park).

Swimming - Sometimes, summer can just be too hot. No matter what you try, you just can't cool down so why not go down to the local sports or community centre and have a swim? Not only will this be really good exercise but your whole body will also relax and cool down. Going swimming once a week really can help to keep your summer just that little bit cooler.

So these are seven fun, cheap activities to do this summer but the list is endless; canoeing, fishing, library, beach, camping, yard sale, playing a sport, water balloon fight, volunteering somewhere, and more. Here's to a fun summer!

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