Twitter Can Determine What Kind Of Beer America Drinks, And Where

Craft beer may be getting all the attention, but big beer is still king.

Craft beer has been getting a lot of attention lately. Production has reached an all-time high, growing 9.6 percent last year while overall beer production dropped 1.4 percent. But let's not forget who's really king: big beer.

Anheuser-Busch Inbev and MillerCoors control 90 percent of the domestic beer market in the U.S. While mass-market beer may be feeling threatened by craft beer's soaring popularity, the vast majority of the $200 billion worth of beer that Americans drink comes from huge companies, not the small, independent craft breweries.

With big beer still dominating the market, LiveScience took a snapshot of beer consumption patterns from an unlikely medium: Twitter. Instead of chartings sales, LiveScience charted tweets to gauge what kind of cheap and light beer the country is drinking. It also checked out where wine is more popular.

There's a ton of variation under the big beer umbrella, with distinct preferences according to region. If Twitter is any indication, people favor a different kind of light beer on the East Coast than they do on the West Coast. The coasts drink more wine than the middle of the country, and Americans like different cheap beer depending on where they live.

Do these tweet-based graphs accurately represent your beer of choice?


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Light Beer Taste Test, 2013