Selma Blair's Amazing Flat Shoes Top Our Cheap Celeb Finds List

Thanks for doing the legwork, Blair.

Sandals are just as essential to summer as a great bathing suit. And while most of us have no problem lamenting the torture that is finding that perfect bikini, it's not often enough that we acknowledge how tricky it can be to find great summer footwear.

But this week, Selma Blair solved our problems when she stepped our in a pair of cute, cheap and comfortable-looking sandals. BRB, going to order these babies along with all the other amazing affordable items Hollywood wore this week.

Selma Blair's sandals

Sofia Vergara's dress

Olivia Palermo's top

Olivia Palermo + Chelsea28 Silk Shirt, $58 (matching pants, currently sold out)

Gigi Hadid's jeans

Bella Thorne's bag

A photo posted by BELLA (@bellathorne) on

Taylor Swift's sneakers

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