Cozy Hats, Cute Holiday Outfits And More Wonderful Cheap Celeb Finds

There are two things on our minds this time of year: Staying warm and dressing up for holiday parties. And this week, on our cheap celebrity finds list, we saw a good mix of both.

Nina Dobrev snapped a photo of herself in a cozy $29 winter hat, Taylor Swift wore not one but two cute outfits perfect for any Christmas party, and for those of you who just want to stay inside and binge watch T.V., Victoria's Secret angel Candice Swanepoel found a great tank for lounging around.

Check out the best cheap finds of the week and let us know which ones have been added to your Christmas wish list.

Taylor Swift's Crop Top And Skirt
Courtesy ASOS, Courtesy
Taylor Swift's Turtleneck
Pacific Coast News, Courtesy
Nina Dobrev's Hat
Instagram/ninadobrev, Courtesy
Jessica Simpson's Dress
Getty Images, Courtesy
Gigi Hadid's Crop Top
Getty Images, Courtesy
Candice Swanepoel's Tank
Getty Images, Courtesy
Jennifer Aniston's Dress
Getty Images, Courtesy
Emma Roberts' Sunglasses
GC Images, Courtesy
Taylor Swift's Beanie
Fame Flynet, Courtesy
Taylor Swift's Scarf
Pacific Coast News, Courtesy