Cheap Dates In LA For Hipsters, Nerds & Art Snobs

Back when they were still an item, Justin Bieber rented out the Staples Center so he and girlfriend Selena Gomez could watch "Titanic" alone on the big screen.

Whether you think Bieber's gesture was romantic or creepy, it's safe to assume you won't be clearing out major venues any time soon for your love. For date ideas that are a little more down-to-earth (dare we say cheap?), Discover Los Angeles has 100 suggestions that'll make LA seem like the most romantic city in the world.

HuffPost LA picked out our 10 favorite ideas for LA's hipsters, nerds and art snobs. Low-cost and low-key, they're perfect ways to get to know your OK Cupid match and score that second date.

Check out all of Discover Los Angeles' 100 Cheap Dates Ideas and scroll through the slideshow below for our picks.

10 Cheap Date Ideas For Hipsters, Nerds & Art Snobs