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The No-Effort, Cheap Decor Tips For People Who Are Bored By Their Homes

There comes a time when an entire room might be in desperate need of a makeover, but more often than not, a space just needs a few pick-me-ups to shine.

The best part? Those minor updates are usually inexpensive and require practically no effort to complete. Make your bathroom feel sparkling new, for instance, by switching out your drain cover and shower lining. Or, give your kitchen a refresh with colorful towels and rustic place mats.

Basically, it's out with the old and in with the new with these easy and cheap ideas for showing your home some love.

Update Your Shower Fixtures
Your shower head might require a complete overhaul, but changing your drain cover won't, and it will cost you less than $20 to do. Plus it'll make your bathtub or shower floor look new and have you bonding with your hardware store in no time.
Enjoy A New Bathmat and Hand Towels
You have to look at those hand towels and that bathmat every day -- including on those loathsome, groggy mornings. Opt for calming colors likelight blues and greens to create a tranquil environment.
Stock Up On New Dish Towels
Purchasing new dish towels is the easiest way to feel refreshed in your kitchen. (And we're betting you haven't even noticed how terribly stained your current ones are.) Since they are usually on display hanging over your oven or below dishes on a counter, spend some time to find ones you really like.
Use A Sink Scrubber
A can of Ajax can be yours for just a few dollars, making a shiny kitchen sink within reach. It may seem minor, but buffing the sink with Ajax every few weeks will remove germs and make that fixture sparkle.
Rearrange Your Furniture
We said it once and we'll say it again, there are many good reasons to change the layout of a room. The best part about this, of course, is that it costs nothing at all -- maybe just a glass of wine or a beer for a friend who gives you a hand.
Hang A New Shower Liner
Your bathroom isn't necessarily calling for a whole new curtain, like you think. Chances are, updating the shower liner is all you need. And the cost? As little as $6.
Buy Some New Coasters
They are small but noticeable, so why not update the coasters you've had for years with something a bit more fun? These coasters have chalkboard paint on them so you can customize them any way you like. You can find circular ones here.
Switch Your Placemats
Buying new placemats is far less expensive than purchasing new dinnerware. These square Rattan ones look lovely with classic round plates.
Purchase New Throw Pillow Slipcovers
Decorative pillows do not come cheap but funky slipcovers can. Use them to tweak the aesthetic of an entire room, mixing different colors and patterns for an entirely new look.
Change Your Switch Covers
They don't have to be plastic and stark white. Switch covers come in various materials, including stone, metal and wood, and can add a nice design element where one might least expect it.
Install New Drawer Knobs
This update can be done in any room of your home -- the bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedroom. It's a great way to add color and inject some personality into otherwise neutral settings.
Try Out A New Lampshade
Purchasing an entire lighting fixture might hurt your budget, but lampshades can cost less than $10. This table would look just as nice with an embroidered ivory shade.
Invest In Silk Flowers
Stay with us here. Silk flowers can brighten up any space from your bathroom to your dining room. And, there's no water to change or vases to clean -- so everybody wins!

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