11 Incredible European Cities That Are Incredibly Cheap To Visit

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“Cheap” isn’t usually the first word that comes to mind regarding a trip to Europe. But if expert travelers know anything, it’s that there are always ways to work the system in our financial favor.

For those who seek adventure on a budget, travel site Hoppa has curated a list of the cheapest cities in Europe based on average prices for common expenses like hotels, taxi rides and coffee. Their science wasn’t necessarily always exact: Hoppa gathered some of its pricing info from mainstream booking sites, while other details came from sites that rely on less reliable crowdsourcing to reach their estimates. But not to worry. Based on what we already know about these cities, we can verify that when you plan a trip correctly, they can be cheap visits indeed. Some of our favorites include:

Dubrovnik, Croatia
Samantha T. Photography via Getty Images
Hearts will melt on this charming city's scenic walks, which are dotted with well-priced hostel accommodations.
Jūrmala, Latvia
Atlantide Phototravel via Getty Images
A beer will set you back just about $1.30 here, according to Hoppa's estimates. That's a small price to pay for the blissful atmosphere in this sunny resort town.
Berlin, Germany
Sylvain Sonnet via Getty Images
Of all the European capitals, Berlin may be one of the easiest to navigate on a budget. With stunning architecture, public art and waterways galore, some of its most glorious views come for free.
Algarve, Portugal
Alan Copson via Getty Images
The town of Lagos and its Camilo Beach, pictured above, are known as gems of the Algarve, Portugal's southern coast. Since there are many backpackers in the region, you can bet accommodations can come cheap.
Zagreb, Croatia
Anna Gorin via Getty Images
The average cinema ticket costs about $9 in Croatia's capital, according to Hoppa. But really, who needs movies with so many museums and medieval alleyways to explore?
Sunny Beach, Bulgaria
Gavin Hellier / robertharding via Getty Images
Um, yeah... We didn't know Bulgaria had beaches this beautiful, either. And according to Hoppa estimates, cocktails cost less than $3 here on average.
Krakow, Poland
Zarnell via Getty Images
Compared to the other cities in Hoppa's list, Krakow has notably cheap taxi fares. Whisk past historic cathedrals and castles on your drive home.
Debrecen, Hungary
Walter Bibikow via Getty Images
Just $3.16 for the average cocktail? We'll take it, if it comes with views of Debrecen's lively public squares.
Rhodes, Greece
Angelika Stern via Getty Images
An ancient palace is the star of this island city, where casual dining comes cheap. Oh, and its beaches aren't too bad, either.
Ostrava, Czech Republic
Henryk Sadura via Getty Images
This historic escape ranked as one of the most budget-friendly cities on Hoppa's index: Here, the average midrange restaurant meal costs just about $8.50 per person.
Sofia, Bulgaria
John and Tina Reid via Getty Images
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