14 Great Under-$30 Father's Day Gifts (And A Dad Joke For Each One)

Show dad you care without spending too much.
A Carhartt lunch box, Amazon smart plug and mini Yeti thermos.
A Carhartt lunch box, Amazon smart plug and mini Yeti thermos.

A gifting question: Who’s a hard person to shop for because they’re stereotypically not great at talking about their feelings or asking for nice things for themselves? If you said any and all dads and father figures, you’d be exactly right.

While tired gender roles are, in fact, tired, we can all admit that shopping for Father’s Day can be tough. To make this Father’s Day a little less of a guessing game, we rounded up our favorite affordable gifts for dads. From compact thermoses to gardening sets, we found items for all types of dads, all under $30.

And, to beat them at their own game, we used this handy-dandy joke generator to come up with an eye-roll-inducing extra cheesy dad joke for every present on our list.

Though a present isn’t the only way to show your appreciation, it’s a little something to make the dads in your life know how loved they are. And with everything on our list coming in under $30, your dad will be proud knowing that you stayed under budget this year.

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An all-in-one griddle for preparing breakfast sandwiches on the quick
Related dad joke: An egg sandwich walks into a bar. The bartender says, 'You can't sit here, we don’t serve breakfast!'

What is it about dads and making breaking for dinner? If your old man loves a good fried egg, he'll get a chuckle out of this breakfast sandwich maker that cooks all the components you need at once.
A pack of reusable multipurpose dish cloths
Related dad joke: What do you call a sleeping paper towel? A nap'kin!

Dad always on you for using too many paper towels? He'll love making the swap to these reusable biodegradable and super-absorbent dish cloths that can pick up tough messes, be thrown in the wash and used time and time again.
A set of smart lightbulbs that you can control with your phone
Related dad joke: How did the hipster burn his hand? They changed the lightbulb before it was cool.

These smart bulbs can connect with your home Wi-Fi and/or Alexa, so you can control them wherever you are, not just from the light switch.
Or a smart plug that will allow you turn off devices with a spoken command
Related dad joke: How did Benjamin Franklin feel after discovering electricity? Shocked!

This smart plug lets your dad control entire outlets, not just a bulb. Preset it to shut off or turn on during the day or actively control it with your own voice via Alexa.
A wall-mounted rack for organizing every conceivable tool
Related dad joke: We tried to think of a dad joke about tools, but unfortunately we don't have any drill bits.

Give your dad the gift of organization with this super user-friendly tool organizer. It has sections for four drills as well as hooks, spots for pliers, wrenches and screw drivers, and two shelves.
A gardening tool kit that comes with a dedicated carrying bag
Related dad joke: Why ask the gardener for help? They give sage advice.

If your dad likes to tend to his plants, he'll love this five-piece gardening set that comes with a carrying case. It's in a basic color palette that's not too loud and comes with an array of tools for all sorts of backyard projects.
A sturdy insulated lunchbox from a trusted workwear brand
Related dad joke: What do you call a fake noodle? An impasta.

A lunchbox a dad will be happy to be seen with? Sign me up. This insulated Carhartt lunch bag holds up to six cans and will keep food, snacks or drinks super cold during work, on a long day on the golf course or on the boat.
A set of internet-famous Bluetooth earbuds
Related dad joke: What kind of music do rabbits like? Hip hop!

If your dad introduced you to all your favorite bands, he'll love this set of waterproof wireless earbuds that have a 10-hour playtime per charge. They're a great set of budget-friendly buds or a perfect extra set to keep in a gym bag or at the office.
An easy-to-use knife sharpener
Related dad joke: What knife connects to Bluetooth? A pairing knife.

A dad tip? A dull knife is actually more dangerous that a sharp one. Keep his kitchen tools on point with this budget-friendly knife sharpener that can be stored in even the smallest kitchen.
A funny handmade carving board
Related dad joke: What do you say when you burned dinner? Sorry, I made a missed steak.

If you dad likes puns, barbeque and old movies, he'll adore this wooden "The Grillfather" cutting board. He can use it for prep before getting his grill on or to let the streaks "rest" or whatever it is dads say.
A reader-approved heavyweight cotton T-shirt
Related dad joke: What laundry detergent do mermaids use? Tide.

The Carhartt men's basic pocket tee is a big seller here at HuffPost, and for good reason. It's breathable but made from durable 100% cotton that doesn't cling, looks good with everything and comes in a bunch of fun and neutral colors. Style-crazy dads and unironic workwear dads alike will love to add this to their collection.
A popular insulted mug that will keep drinks at temperature for hours
Related dad joke: What do you call two lattes fighting? A heated debate.

It's challenging to find a reusable cup these days that isn't huge or covered in corny sayings. Enter the Yeti 10-ounce stackable lowball thermos that's perfect for coffee, cocktails and any other beverage your pop can think to keep in it.
A stylish digital alarm clock
Related dad joke: When's it time to go to the dentist? Tooth-hurty.

Get your dad into the future with this super techy alarm clock that looks like a smartphone. It can be used as a mirror when it's not telling the time, and it has three levels of brightness for heavy and light sleepers.
A subscription to a slew of artisan coffees
Related dad joke: What does the coffee call his morning routine? The daily grind.

Treat your dad to exciting beans from local roasters and cafes across the country with a subscription to Trade Coffee. All you have to do is fill out a short quiz about the type of joe he likes and how often you want him to receive a new bag.
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