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Cheap Gas Hooray!

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In a time when there is plenty of bad news to go around, like terrorism and police shootings and global warming, it's good to look for positive news. Good to have the "cup is half full," mentality. Well, gas is cheaper than it's been in years. That is great news. Particularly for those of us who like to leave the house, once in a while.

Frankly, I thought we were screwed a few years ago, when gas got up to almost five dollars a gallon. I was thinking, the oil companies would realize that we would still buy plenty of gas, even at hugely inflated prices, and just keep inching the price up, bit by bit. Eventually gas would be like $150 a gallon and America would turn into a hellish landscape of outlaw fuel pirates, like in the Mel Gibson classic movie Road Warrior. Admittedly, I can be a tad neurotic.

But no, thanks to the power of prayer, gas has come down to a cozy $2.39, as of today's fill up in Van Nuys California. According to my Mom in Atlanta, gas is only $2.00 a gallon there.

Who benefits most from cheaper gas, aside from me? Obama! Exactly! In fact, if Obama can get gas to down to $1.00 a gallon, that will be like killing Bin Laden all over again. Obama's legacy will be solid. After inheriting the worst economy since the Great Depression, from Bush, Obama will leave office with a greatly improved economy, and fuel prices that working Americans can afford. I say go for it Mr. President!

So why exactly are gas prices coming down so dramatically? I don't know. But I read an article in the New Yorker magazine recently, and I still don't know. But the article mentioned something about Saudi Arabia, either sitting on a large amount of oil, or possibly something else. And they mentioned that the U.S. Is now a huge oil producer, thanks in large part to the so called "fracking" of oil in places like South Dakota. That is where oil is extracted from shale. And environmental types say fracking is bad. While cheap gas loving types say fracking is good. If gas can get down to a $1.00 per gallon "Camelot" price, I don't care if South Dakota is a giant gaping hole in the Earth.

When I started driving in 1980, gas was around 76 cents a gallon. It cost me about seventeen bucks to fill up the tank in my tricked out Chevy Malibu. And by tricked out I mean it was in fair condition and had massive body damage on the driver's side, from the previous owner. (some guy my Dad barely knew.) Sadly, while I was good about putting gas in the car, I sucked at putting oil in it and one day, it just seized up. Lesson learned.

I'll bet 76 cents in 1980 probably amounts to about $2.50 in today's money, so this is sort of a utopian price of love. A gallon of gas should cost less than three dollars. And breakfast cereal should cost less than forty bucks a box. And razors should be something you don't have to shoplift. And printer ink, for the love of God, what devil set those prices? You buy a printer for fifty bucks and your first new batch of ink costs thirty bucks. That pisses me off!

Anywho, lets just enjoy this cheap gas while we can. And then, you know, cheap lobsters seems like a good idea.