50 Home Upgrades That Cost $1 Or Less

Your spring cleaning list just got SUPER affordable.

Spring cleaning shouldn't only lead to a tidy home. It should lead to a better home that looks and feels brand spankin' new.

Lucky for you, help is on the way. We found the ultimate guide that not only breaks down the big clean sweep into five, easy-to-follow sections, it includes super affordable upgrades that cost $1 or less.

With genius cleaning hacks, cheap (and free) DIY upgrades, and insanely simple design tricks for your home and garden decor, the infographic below, created by the experts at Vibrant Doors, covers all the basics while saving you some serious cash.

Master the art of the spring home cleanse by trying these 50 home improvement hacks. You'll turn your home into a cozy, immaculate and freshly styled sanctuary without ever breaking the bank.