8 Personalized Gifts That Aren't Cheesy Or Expensive

These thoughtful personalized gifts won't leave your wallet feeling lighter.

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Though there are plenty of thoughtful gift ideas that mean much more than they cost, if you’re looking to one-up your gifts from last year, unique personalized gifts are an easy way to hit that extra wow factor.

That does mean, however, that you have to put in some extra effort early in the season to figure out where to buy personalized gifts. There are plenty of destinations like Etsy and Walmart that make it easy to add a personal touch to your gifts without draining your bank account.

Though personalized gifts bring to mind monogrammed tote bags and hand-painted makeup bags, there are plenty of other ways to personalize a gift that aren’t cheesy or expensive. It can be as simple as skimming their Instagram for a custom photo print, or remembering what their favorite brand of mascara is to give them with a refill. Either way, the art of tailoring a gift perfectly for someone is about attention to detail.

Plan ahead and get your personalized gifts made early, so you can coast for the reason of the season. Instead, leave the last-minute shopping rush to the procrastinators. With that in mind, we’ve found some thoughtful, inexpensive and personalized gift ideas that won’t leave your wallet feeling lighter.

Check out eight inexpensive personalized gifts below.

A custom return address stamp.
A personalized return address label stamp is a low-key gift that is surprisingly thoughtful. This version, for example, is on Amazon for under $40. Whether your friends rent or own their place, it's a great gift for couples who are moving in together or long-term partners.
This personalized bamboo cutting board, for special moments.
Etsy / IntoTheWildCA
These handmade, hand-burned cutting boards are where function meets art. It's a perfect gift for the newlyweds who already got everything else needed at the wedding. Snag a copy of their vows to have engraved on it, and they'll cherish it for years to come.
A book full of story prompts, to collect their life story.
This is the perfect gift to help capture the stories you don't want to forget. This gift includes a year full of prompts to help storytellers capture their thoughts. At the end, you're left with a beautiful (editable) book to preserve a lifetime's worth of memories.
A way for them to learn a new skill, from the best of the best.
Rob Kim via Getty Images
If you have someone who is looking to try something new or lean into a new hobby, give them a way to learn from the best of the best. With a MasterClass gift card, they can learn tennis from Serena Williams, photography from Annie Leibovitz, cooking from Gordon Ramsay and many, many others. What super fan wouldn't enjoy that?
A monogrammed umbrella that they'll never mix up with someone else's.
Etsy / AngelasGiftShop
There will be no question whose umbrella it is when you give a monogrammed one as a gift. Whatever colors, style and design your giftee might like, there are plenty of options to choose from to take this seemingly basic gift to the next level.
A way to bring their Instagram photos to real life.
If it was good enough to make it into their Instagram, it must be good enough for a frame. Connect directly to your Instagram account or grab an image off your friend's page, and create a custom framed image they'll treasure — at an affordable under-$40 price point.
A photo book that's a year in review.
Create a fun, one-of-a-kind year recap with a personalized book that uses your own photos. A perfect gift for new parents, newlyweds, older parents and anyone who wants a way to easily look back on the year.
A refill of their favorite beauty or skincare product.
ronstik via Getty Images
It may take a little digging, but for the friend or family member who's had a hard year, treat them to something you know they'll love and use: a refill of their favorite beauty product. The little effort you put into finding out their favorite brands will go a long way, but if you aren't sure about their exact favorites, get them a gift card to stock up their essentials.