24 Cheap Things To Treat Yourself To Right Now

There are beauty products that could pass for triple the price, whimsical decor, a head massager that'll change your life, and more under-$25 finds on this list to light up your day.

Popular items from this list include:

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A tennis bracelet that could pass for real-deal crystal
Promising reviews: "Soooo pretty. It’s 100% a Swarovski [alternative] for so cheap. Looks exactly like the photo and I wear it every day." — Trysten Walters
A dimmable duck light
Promising review: "I ordered this lamp because of its appearance. I didn't NEED...but it has totally filled a void in my life I didn't know existed. Everyone who sees it pokes it. The lamp is actually very functional. It's got a really nice set of brightness options and the glow is yellowish, which is much nicer than white in a dim/dark room. One thing that isn't mentioned in the description is that its legs are utterly floppy. It's terrific." — Literated
An E.L.F. glitter liquid eyeshadow
I don't even wear eyeshadow and this glitzy blue is tempting me.

Promising review: "I love this glitter eyeshadow. I used to use Stila and this is so much more affordable and easy to spread without spotting. Definitely recommend getting all the shades, it is worth it for a pop of shimmer." — beautyandbeast
Mochi Berry Art/Etsy
A tiny and sweet resin animal containing real dried flowers
This Seattle-based small biz makes all kinds of cute lil' treats.

Promising review: "I got all four of the little animals and the flowers inside of them are all beautiful." — Tasha
A go-everywhere fanny pack
Promising review: "I got this for work originally and now use it all the time! I didn’t realize it looks exactly like a Lululemon fanny pack that’s trending right now until someone complimented me on it! My best friend has the Lulu one and it does look exactly like it! The pockets on the inside and outside! It’s super spacious and I can fit a lot in it! Definitely worth it, if you don’t want to lug your purse around all day for errands!" — Melissa
A head massager thingy
My boyfriend got a two-pack of head massagers like this and gave me one. We now use them on each other constantly and I am eternally grateful. I'm struggling to keep my description of how good it feels family-friendly, so that should give you an idea. It's awesome when you have a headache or just need to relax. The only downside is it WILL mess up your hair (especially if you have curls or textured hair, reviewers note) and may get caught if your hair is tangled, so use it gently. It's worth it!

Promising review: "This was a great purchase. Relieves my headaches. Easy to use!" — elidita luna
Cutie lil' rainbow prism suncatchers
Promising review: "They actually were bigger than I anticipated which was actually pretty awesome. I hung them in the window of my office and it's beautiful when they catch light. Definitely worth the money when it puts a smile on your face." — Emmy Ann
A must-have sticker for any Swiftie
This North Carolina-based small business has genuinely some of the best millennial-fave pop culture stickers I have EVER seen.
A pack of whimsical mini cloud-shaped utility knives
Check them out on TikTok!

Promising review: "I love these — sturdy, sharp with retractable blade. I keep them in different rooms for opening packages or breaking down boxes to recycle. Would recommend and buy again." — Amy Yasneski
A terrific trio of lip sleeping masks
Promising review: "I breathe through my mouth when I sleep and I often wake up with super chapped lips. I love Laniege’s lip sleeping mask but, it gets pricy when used daily. This product is the most amazing alternative for it at a FRACTION of the price! Laniege is $24 for just one and this is less than $10 for three?! THREE? Omg take my money. Highly recommend! — Nikz
An adorable plush flower pillow
Check 'em out on TikTok.

Promising review: "I bought these pillows to liven up my office space. They are whimsical and fun. The larger pillows would be great to set on the floor and sit with children or pets! Love these." — lovetoread
A so-cute-I'm-not-sure-it's-even-allowed s'mores mug
Promising review: "This is one of the cutest mugs! And the top graham cracker is a lid, so great to keep your drink warm or keep it from getting contaminated. Highly recommend!" — mishorty13
A vintage-inspired initial pendant necklace
Promising review: "TikTok made me do it. This piece of jewelry is one of my favorite go-to pieces. I wear this necklace maybe once or twice a week to work. It looks as if I’ve paid way more than what I did! I’ve received many compliments. It hasn’t turned but then again, I take it off before showering and I’m careful to not spay any perfume on it…but I do this with all of my jewelry (real or not). I do make a habit of wiping it with a jewelry cloth before storing it back in the bag that was supplied. I recommend this as a fun piece to add to your collection." — GiGi Of 6
A bicycle-shaped pizza cutter
Soho Kitchen is a small, New York City-based business established in 2015 that makes fun, pizza-inspired home goods.

Promising review: "My husband loooves pizza and I thought this would be a great gift for him. Both wheels can cut the pizza and it’s very easy to use. It’s also really cute! We keep it displayed in the kitchen when not in use." — Bia DeBoer
And to keep the pizza party going, some felt coasters
Promising review: "The cutest coasters ever! These are better than the pictures in the listings. Great gift idea and very good conversation pieces. This is also great if you have a pizza-themed room or space. The coasters are truly functional and space efficient. Highly recommend!" — Dara M
Jordan Grigsby/BuzzFeed
A synthetic half wig no one will believe was under $25. H
BuzzFeed Shopping writer Jordan Grigsby raves: "Yep, that's me up there. I love a little synthetic wig because they're always like $20 so I can get like five of 'em and have five different hairstyles for the price of one human hair wig. My hair is shoulder length right now, which I love, but sometimes, ya girl wants a little Beyoncé-type hair. I do clip-ins sometimes but they're a lot of work at times. Synthetic wigs are so easy, quick, and a great protective style. I don't like to put heat on my hair much, so I like to grab synthetic wigs in the exact style I want so I can go from straight to curly to wavy in a week without damaging my hair. I can also do my hair in like five minutes.

"This wig is my current go-to, I'm obsessed. It's so freakin' cute and half wigs allow you to leave some of your hair out so it can look as natural as possible, which I love because I'm not really talented with the frontal style wigs and gluing 'em down (if anyone wants to teach me I'll love you forever). This wig is literally so easy to manipulate and I found it on TikTok! Remember this is synthetic so it won't last you forever. I just bought a second one after wearing my last one for, like, three months. Synthetic or not, it still looks and feels amazing and it's very full."
A cute bamboo serving spoon and fork set
Get them from BuzzFeed's Goodful shop.
Wandering Prop Guild/Etsy
A throwback-tastic Barbie flip phone acrylic keychain
This small biz makes fun goodies inspired by gaming, pop culture and anime.
A pack of slouchy socks
Check out one way to style them on TikTok!

Promising review: "The second these are out of the laundry, they're on my feet. The slouchy look is so cute and paired with a white tennis shoe — it’s my favorite thing to wear on my feet. They’re so comfortable, very soft, and they don’t leave marks on your legslike most such a socks do from being too tight." — Elisa
Hot Topic
A fun Kirby hair claw
Get it from Hot Topic.
A crochet cover-up
Promising review: "Buy it! I get so many compliments on this. It is the perfect cover-up. Just don't forget to put sunscreen on under it! I have had it for over a year. I use the washing machine on hand wash in a bag and lay flat to dry on a dry rack. I store it in the bag it came in still because it snags on things so easily. I have packed it in a suitcase but still in its original bag for worry of snags. So far so good!" — Whitney Carter
An adjustable mister
It even comes with a flower-shaped misting head you can swap in to make it look extra cute.

Promising review: "Works exactly how I want it to. Provides a fine, cool most on the patio, allowing us to enjoy the backyard until sunset without breaking a sweat. Easy to set up. It was out of the box and cooling us off within minutes." — Debra L. Kusek
A set of three reusable silicone air fryer liners
Check them out on TikTok!

Promising review: "I bought these because I was tired of cleaning the whole air fryer container. These were bought on a whim for both mine and my boyfriend's parents, who each have an air fryer. They work great, keeping all greases and crumbs inside, and make it easier to clean. The only bad thing (and this may just be me) is the ridges/ripples on the bottom of the inside of the liner. When you try to wash it in the sink, don’t put the stream of water right on those unless you want to take a small bath. Other than that, these are fantastic. My boyfriend also says that it seems to make everything crispier, and we love that." Jordan Hixson
A wooden puzzle reminiscent of Tetris
Reviewers say this is a great toy for ages 3–12.

Promising review: "Great for all ages. My 4-year-old loves this puzzle. It is also something she can play with her grandparents and aunts and uncles and they actually enjoy. Because you need to be strategic and often change parts you have done at the end, I think it is a good way to practice being flexible and persevering. It fits nicely inside a gallon zip-top bag for storage. We have given a few as bday gifts to her friends too." — Esher

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