Cheap Trick Stage Collapse VIDEO: Catastrophic Crash At Ottawa Bluesfest

The main stage at the Ottawa Bluefest came crashing down Sunday right in the middle of a Cheap Trick set, injuring 4 people including one in serious condition.

Winds apparently picked up around 8 p.m. EDT, causing the stage to seemingly fold in on itself and sending the band members quickly off their feet. All members of the band reportedly emerged unharmed.

You can see video of the stage collapse below, or read a more complete report from the Canadian Press here, on

The Bluesfest is one of the largest festivals in North America, as the 12 day event attracts thousands for big name acts. Sunday's collapse shut the stage before a highly anticipated performance by Death Cab For Cutie, according to the Canadian Press.

The video below, from the AP contains footage of both the collapse and its aftermath.


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