Cheat Sheet: A Tasting Guide To Hot Sauces And Condiments

Some like it hot … but some also like it mild, medium, insanely spicy, and hell-fire hot. There are literally thousands of brands, types and heats of hot sauce and spicy ingredients on the market, so it'd be nearly impossible to tell you about them all. But our mission here is to guide you through the basic heat-boosters that can take your food to the next level.

We've got spicy sauces, pastes and other concoctions that hail from America to Thailand, Jamaica, China, Japan and back. Our panel of editors and tasters rated each ingredient on a heat scale from 0 to 5 (5 being the hottest), and we've also included notes on flavor and pairing ideas.

What's your favorite way to add heat to food? Let us know in the comments section below! We're always excited to hear about your favorite products.

Hot And Spicy Sauce Ingredients