Cheating Definition: University Of Michigan Professor Talks Cheating Behaviors (VIDEO)

On Thursday, University of Michigan Research Assistant Professor Daniel Kruger stopped by HuffPost Live to talk about his recently published cheating survey, which looked at how people defined infidelity.

The study asked 456 college students to look at 27 different behaviors and assign them a number on a scale of 0 to 100 based on the extent to which they believed the action would be considered cheating in a long-term relationship.

They found that even some non-sexual behaviors, such as going out to dinner and sharing secrets, were considered cheating by some.

According to Kruger, men and women seemed to generally agree on which items would point to infidelity. He did note, however, that "forming a deep emotional bond" stood out as one action that women rated considerably higher on the scale than men.

"We think that could relate to the notion that if this guy is forming a deep emotional connection with another woman, that's a danger to their own relationship so he might desert [his partner] or possibly abandon her in the future," Kruger said.

Watch the video above for more of Kruger's commentary on the study. Then, click through the slides below to test your knowledge of other cheating findings.

Cheating Survey Trivia

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