Cheating Hubby Killed by Hoe, and Mo...

The weirder the better.

It's no surprise that more and more legitimate news sites are adding weird news pages featuring strange stories plastered with sensational headlines to catch the discerning eye, well, for most of us who can stomach the unusual. Moreover, we've come to terms with the fact that it's OK to click on these shameless oddities as dozens of new bizarre sites spring up every day.

As a weird news junkie and veteran blogger, I've discovered over the past two decades that the popularity of such oddball stories continues to dominate much of the social-networking scene. This has me up at 4 a.m. crawling through the bowels of the Internet in "puter virus" territory -- wearing surgical gloves, of course -- in search of not-so-mainstream material.

The most successful posts always seem to encompass subject matter that as teens had us snickering with friends behind the wood shed. Sprinkle in some bedroom and bathroom humor, and if tastefully done (is that possible?), you've hit a home run.

On the other hand, some strange posts are not so funny, and some, even tragic. Like staring at a train wreck, we gravitate toward them anyway... and still react, albeit nervously.
The most searched post of my indelicate, weird-news blogging career, of which I rarely speak about in polite company, is "Woman admits having sex with girl, dog." For the life of me, I can't imagine why that particular blog out trafficked "Woman has sex with pine cone, needs surgery to remove it" or "Son assaults father with bag of Cheetos."

In any case, "Wife kills cheating hubby with hoe" is my fav. Maybe it was the double-entendre reference in the headline that made the post go viral. Then again, maybe it was the fact that the enraged woman had access to her hubby's garden hoe at her peak level of rage that solidified the irony of the post.

Whichever, there's something to be said about being in the right place at the right time. And being here, excited to share with readers my skewed views on weird news, hopefully will be as excruciatingly mind blowing for you as it will be for me.

Stay tuned...