Cheating Russian Boyfriend Busted By Yandex Panorama, Google Maps Street View Equivalent

In the not-so-distant past, suspicious lovers had to rely on old-school tools to bust their significant others. Now, bad break-ups have a new friend: Street View, or at least the Russian equivalent.

Marina Voinova, a 24-year-old woman in Perm, Russia, recently discovered her fiance cheated on her after she stumbled upon his image on "Yandex Panorama," the Russian version of Google Map's Street View tool, which offers 360-degree views of locations around the world.

She told Russia's Life News she'd used Yandex intending to find the location of a building. As she navigated digitally down the street, however, Voinova spotted someone who looked familiar.

It was apparently Marina's boyfriend, Alexander, walking arm-in-arm with another woman -- his ex-girlfriend. Confronted by Marina, Alexander acknowledged his infidelity and was promptly dumped.

A similar incident happened in 2009, after a British woman stumbled upon her husband's Range Rover on Street View outside a friend's home. The Sun reports she confirmed her husband's identity not because of his appearance (unlike "Yandex," Google's Street View blurs out people's faces) but by the flashy rims on his vehicle.


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