Two Thirds Of Cheaters Would Stay Faithful If It Weren't For Technology, Survey Suggests

Two Thirds Of Cheaters Would Stay Faithful If It Weren't For This

Your smart phone may be driving more of a wedge between you and your partner than you realize.

A new survey by Victoria Milan, a dating site for married people looking to cheat, found that out of 6,000 of its users, 45 percent said they cheated because their partner spent too much time on their phones or tablets.

What's more, a whopping two-thirds said they wouldn't have hooked up with someone else if it weren't for the help of the internet and other new technologies.

“Like anything else that enhances our lives, technology is a double-edged sword," Victoria Milan's CEO Sigurd Vedal said in a press release. "It's a predictable, albeit unfortunate, commentary that modern use of technology has led to a kind of social isolation -- being alone in a room of many others -- that leads to seeking out connections with others when we are left feeling unfulfilled in our day to day relationships. One way or the other we need to find that connection.”

The demographic most likely to stray because their partner was snubbing them with their phone use? Women ages 30-50, according to the site.

This isn't the first time research has shown the detrimental effect cell phones and texting can have on a relationship. In October, researchers at Brigham Young University found heavy texting to be associated with relationship dissatisfaction among both women and men.

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