11 People Who Lost Their Sh*t After Being Cheated On

11 People Who Lost Their Sh*t After Being Cheated On

Back in the day, we used to believe that keying car doors was the worst act of revenge you could commit against a cheater.

But then we got the Internet.

Below, 11 acts of post-affair revenge so ridiculous, you'll consider staying single for the rest of your life.

Dave from Colorado is clearly having the worst day ever.

Who needs Jerry Springer when you can put your soon-to-be ex on blast on a bed sheet?

Naming names? This is some next level sh*t.

Hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband 'cause there's a cheater in your neighborhood.

ex husband sale
Here's one way to clean house after a split.

The only thing worse than having "cheater" spray-painted on your truck? Having "cheater" spray-painted on your truck that is now in the process of being towed.

Don't mind me. Just casually throwing down some grade-A level revenge at Wrestlemania 29.

The worst thing to happen to the mall since Sbarro.

We've never been more frightened by little red hearts.

ex truck
Free with purchase: Wayyyy TMI.

And now, let us all stand and slow clap for this master class in passive aggression.

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