Brilliant New Facebook Feature Shows Your Ex Losing The Breakup

Watch. Them. Burn.

Recently, Facebook launched "Take a Break," a feature that helps you deal with breaking up by limiting the amount of content shown between you and your ex. This is an essential tool in the unending nightmare that is getting over an old flame. Basically, the theory is "out of sight, out of mind!"

Unfortunately, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Users have already started complaining that wiping a former love from Facebook only creates more questions.

"What are they doing?"

"Who are they with?"

Well, ponder no more! Presenting WATCH THEM BURN; a new feature that shows your ex losing their job, dating people less attractive than you and becoming the undisputed loser of the breakup!

When you end a relationship this screen will pop up.

From that moment on, Facebook will block all their posts and instead show you the horrible things happening to the person who shattered your heart.

Soon, you'll start seeing your feed populate with posts like this ...

And this ...

And this ...


Meanwhile, Facebook will pepper in awesome things happening to you.


As a bonus, Facebook will also show your ex getting ZERO "likes" from here on out.

This should all put the KO on your feelings for ol' "what's-your-name-again?"

And BOOM, you're cured! Thanks to Facebook (a social media website. Not a thing you should call upon for emotional stability), you're now fully ready to start dating again!


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