The Cool Aerial Workout That's Revolutionizing Yoga

08/04/2016 05:18pm ET | Updated August 4, 2017

We expect our workouts to produce results. But it’s the rare, truly revolutionary routine that leaves us feeling not just in shape, but serene and centered. Stay with us. We’ve teamed up with Curate Snacks to bring you Supersets, a new video series celebrating fun fusion workouts, from aerial pilates to aquatic cycling. In this episode, we take a tour of Trilogy Sanctuary’s tranquil aerial yoga yoga studio, where instructors and students strengthen, tone, and stretch with the assistance of suspended silk bands to channel their inner zen.

After achieving inner peace with an incredible workout, why not refuel with an equally satisfying snack? Curate Snacks believes in combining surprising flavors for a delicious result, taking a unique culinary approach to create bars that use simple, nutrient-dense ingredients, like Marcona almonds, lemon, and apricot in their Harmonious Blend bar.