'Check Please' Supercut: Hollywood's Most Overused Exit Line (VIDEO)

WATCH: Hollywood's Most Overused Line?

Are you in a tight spot? Need to make a quick escape? Does the place you're escaping from happen to be a restaurant or diner? Oh, and are you in a movie? If the answer to all of those questions is "yes," then we've got just two words for you: "Check please."

The "check please" line can get you out of almost any situation, be it desired (that sexy dinner companion is suddenly giving you the vibe), or undesired (you just caused the death of a fellow patron). Sometimes you're just not that hungry. Other times, you're just not that into the scene of mass chaos, violence, or grotesquerie surrounding your table. Whatever the case may be, no exit strategy is as tried and true as the "check please!"

Video edited by Ben Craw. More supercuts available below.

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