Cheech & Chong Home: Strawberry's House From Iconic 'Up In Smoke' Film For Sale At $344,900 (PHOTOS)

Some stars of the iconic stoner flick "Up In Smoke" have fallen on hard times. Actor Tommy Chong went public this summer about his battle with prostate cancer. Actress June Fairchild, the woman who snorted a whole plate of Ajax, has been homeless and struggling with addiction for years.

Another "Up In Smoke" hard luck case? A little home in Lincoln Heights. Curbed LA points us to the property, on the market for $344,900. Featured in the movie as cousin Strawberry's stoner shack, it was the setting for scenes like a police bust, the infamous Ajax snorting episode and Strawberry's paranoid Vietnam flashback.


As you can see from the movie clips, the home currently resembles the worn-down stoner shack it was in the 1970s. Public records show the property was foreclosed twice: once in 1999 and again in 2011.

Still, with the right owners, the home could rise again! The 2,577 square-foot property has four bedrooms, a small studio in the backyard and beautiful wood floors and trim. A perfect flip for a couple of stoners who can appreciate the home's history.

Browse photos of the sad stoner home and start thinking of all the ways it could be fixed up. Just keep one thing in mind: What would Cheech and Chong do?

Home From Cheech And Chong Film