This Cheeky Instagram Page Is Dedicated To Vacation Butt Shots (NSFW)

"People are more comfortable stripping down when they can do so with less risk.”

Now this is an Instagram page people can really get behind.

It’s called @CheekyExploits and it’s dedicated to bare butt shots of people on vacation.

Whether on the sand ...

The snow ...

At a vineyard in France ...

In an alley ...

Or on a hotel balcony ...

The page is the brainchild of a 31-year-old woman in London who prefers to only be known as “Cheeky.”

She started @CheekyExploits last July after being inspired by an account following one man’s butt around the world.

“I thought this was such a fun idea and my friends, husband and I already had a small collection of photos similar to this,” Cheeky told HuffPost. “So I started the account as a fun way to share them amongst our friend group.”

From there, Cheeky managed to convince strangers to pose for her. Then she started getting submissions through the account and it has just snowballed from there.

“I never meant for the account to necessarily be about travel and certainly never intended to start a trend,” she said. “It was just a bit of fun and, also, I enjoyed encouraging people to be comfortable with their bodies and participate for the thrill and confidence boost.”

Cheeky is upfront about which spots make the best butt photos.

“The most friendly butt locations tend to be fields, cliffs and beaches,” she said. “I find that people are more comfortable stripping down when they can do so with less risk.”

Although some people might think the page is asinine, Cheeky insists she has standards. She turns up her nose at pics that are too close-up, just someone in the mirror in their bedroom or overtly sexual.

Cheeky is getting so many submissions that she jokes her life is becoming one big butt pun, “and my friends don’t miss the opportunity to make one.”

Still, she has dreams of the butt pics she’d really like to see.

“I would to love take one in a rainforest with monkeys climbing around,” she said. “Or another one that I think would be really cool is in Giza with a camel!”

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