'Cheer Dad' Busting Out His Daughter's Routine Will Have You Doing Spirit Fingers

This self-described "a little extra" dad has gone viral for being his daughter's biggest cheerleader.

We’ve all heard of cheer moms ― and now there’s a cheer dad.

Rolland “Hekili” Holland is literally his daughter’s biggest cheerleader, and there’s video evidence to prove it.

Video showing the Virginia dad went viral, raking up more than 3 million views, after a fellow parent filmed him enthusiastically performing his 15-year-old daughter Mackenzi’s cheerleading routine in time with the squad at the York High School football game on Friday.

“By far CHEER DAD OF THE YEAR!!!!!! This dude rocks!!!! GO YORK FALCONS!!!! #cheerdad #countyneededthis,” Scott Willard, who filmed the video, wrote on Facebook.

In an interview with the “Today” show, Holland said that on the weekend prior to the game, their community suffered a terrible loss when three players from a nearby school died in a car crash. He said many people had reached out to him saying his video had helped to provide a bit of hope in overcoming that sadness.

The routine he’s doing is Mackenzi’s squad’s fight song. Holland said his daughter taught it to him and he’d been practicing it for weeks.

Holland said it was Mackenzi who alerted him to the viral video.

“Mackenzi came in the room and said, ‘Dad, you’re on Facebook! You’ve gotten 4,000 views in the last hour!’” he told Today, describing himself as “a little extra at times.”

As for Mackenzi ― she’s not embarrassed about her “extra” dad at all. 

“I’m just proud that my dad’s here and that he’s doing everything with me,” she said.

Here’s cheer dad from another angle ― pom-poms and all: