Celebrities Were Starstruck Over Meeting 'Cheer' Star Jerry Harris At The Oscars

A video of the beloved cheerleader interviewing actors and performers on the red carpet is pure joy.

A number of celebrities shared one particularly memorable moment as they walked on the red carpet at Sunday’s Oscars ceremony: meeting “Cheer” star Jerry Harris.

Harris, one of the breakout stars of the Netflix smash docuseries that premiered last month, was sent by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to conduct red carpet interviews on Hollywood’s biggest night.

“Cheer” chronicles the lives of a competitive cheerleading squad at Navarro College in Corsicana, Texas, as they train for the National Cheerleaders Association’s National Championship.

In a video of Harris working as an interviewer at the Academy Awards, he appeared excited to meet such entertainment industry figures as Regina King, Laura Dern and Idina Menzel.

But many of the stars were, understandably, just as excited to meet Harris.

“Jerry, Jerry, Jerry... this is what I want to say to you: You got this!” Dern said, later referencing “mat talk,” when one cheerleader on the side encourages other cheerleaders as they do their routine ― something Harris was celebrated for doing well in “Cheer.”

“My daughter was giving me some mat talk as we were driving in the car,” she continued. “We love you and we love your big beautiful heart.”

King celebrated being in “the winners’ circle” with Harris, after he referenced her 2019 Best Supporting Actress Oscar win and Navarro College winning the national championship that year.

Director Greta Gerwig told Harris after meeting him: “I don’t know what’s going to beat this moment right now.”

Actor Kathy Bates ― a Best Supporting Actress nominee this year ― is seen telling Harris she fell in love with him.

But the cheering didn’t stop there.

Harris gave Menzel an example of his mat talk, after the “Frozen II” actor asked, “When I sing tonight can you do the thing? Can you give me a good cheering...?”

Toward the end of the video, Harris shared his appreciation to DeGeneres for the “once in a lifetime” experience, which included him telling Brad Pitt he is “coolest man in the world.

Watch Harris on the Oscars red carpet below:

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