'Cheer Perfection': Ann Joins Forces With Her Frenemy To Take Andrea's Presidency Down (VIDEO)

The outrageous cattiness of "Cheer Perfection" was on full display in this week's installment. Ann had finally decided enough was enough when it came to Andrea. She was still mad that Andrea had been named Team Mom President over her, and so she wanted to take her down. She was so desperate that she turned to her frenemy Shannon to help her plot a coup.

"You’re back to my BFF then," she told Shannon, who seemed on board with the idea of taking Andrea down.

"I don’t trust that witch," she said. "So we’re gonna impeach Andrea from her presidency?”

"What’s impeach mean?" Ann asked.

Shannon couldn't believe that Ann didn't know what impeach means, but you don't have to know fancy words to topple your enemies and usurp power.

The over-the-top drama of "Cheer Perfection" continues on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on TLC. And good news for fans, as Variety is reporting that TLC has ordered additional episodes for the summer.

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