'Cheer Perfection': TLC Goes Inside World Of Competitive Cheerleading

TLC has tackled infant beauty pageants, extreme couponers and polygamist families, and now the network is going behind the scenes of competitive cheerleading with "Cheer Perfection."

On "Cheer Perfection" (Wed., July 11, 10 p.m. ET), the new special from the producers of "Toddlers & Tiaras," viewers will meet Alisha Dunlap (who appeared on "Toddlers" with her daughter Cassadee), the co-owner and head coach of Cheer Time Revolution, and her young, very energetic students. It's like "Dance Moms" meets "Toddlers & Tiaras" because these ultra-competitive moms want success for their young children.

"The moms that come here, they like to win more than I do," Alisha says in the video preview below.

The mom of one of Alisha's students, Mandy, says Alisha can yell at her kids. "She can get in her face, whatever it takes to make her the best," Mandy says. "I want to win."

The new special follows a week of tryouts for a new team at Cheer Time Revolution. Check out the video below and read TLC's description of the cheer moms.

Ann, the mother of Torrann, sees herself as the top of the gym's pecking order. Passionate about winning, her perspective is, “I don't spend all this money to lose.”

Bonnie, new to the gym, is the mother of Alana. She is determined to make Alisha notice her daughter, which could lead to a rivalry with Ann.

Mandy, the mother of Olivia, puts her faith in Alisha to make her daughter a top cheerleader.

Shannon, the mother of Brooke, finds herself caught between her desire to win and her fear for her daughter's injured back.