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The Gay Dads In This Cheerios Commercial Have The Most Beautiful Love Story


As a gay man, André never expected to be able to be a dad, but when he and Jonathan met by chance on a blind date they had what they describe as an "immediate connection."

"We couldn't keep all of this luck and love to ourselves, we needed to share, so the idea of becoming a dad was really increasing with time," he explains in a new Canadian Cheerios ad, his arms encircling his little girl.

It's a love story they're telling in the Sept. 29 video, the story of how they first met each other and then met their daughter Raphaëlle, and it's a beautiful one.

"She gave me Raphaëlle," Jonathan says, describing the day they received that life-changing phone call as he mimes cradling her in his arms, "and I say to Raphaëlle, 'Dad is here. Daddy is here now.' And it was the first time I'd said that."

Watching the three interact on screen, Raphaëlle leaning from one dad to the next, André and Jonathan looking at each other with evident pride, it's hard to imagine a closer or more adorable group. The dads are aware that some people might be skeptical of the make up of their family, but they're not worried.

"I don't have confidence in myself for all my life, but for this, I know, we're good parents." Jonathan says.

"Being a dad. We rock," André says.

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