Cheerios Parody: Hilarious Spoof Of Biracial Ad Responds To Haters (VIDEO)

Hilarious Cheerios Spoof Responds To Haters

Apparently, not even an adorable little girl can melt the heart of a bigot. After a fierce, racist backlash on YouTube, the comments for the Cheerios ad featuring a mixed-race couple had to be disabled, prompting many of us to ask, "What the hell is wrong with people?"

In response to the controversy, Kenji (who also directed the hilarious Homo Thugs series) created this parody that ups the ante on bigots and tells the haters to "eat it." The spoof was co-written by Mark Normand and Eddie Lombardi, stars comedians Hollis Witherspoon and Joyelle Nicole Johnson, and features the adorable Adriana Barnett.

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