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How To Say 'Cheers' In 20 Languages (AUDIO)

The toast heard round the world.

Though countries around the world may differ in language, customs and history, there is one thing that tends to bring all people together in harmony: drinking.

Whether it be beer at Munich's Oktoberfest or wine in Rome, it is likely that your travels will include participation in this internationally-loved pastime.

What better way to immerse yourself in a new culture than not only sharing in their drinking traditions, but learning some of the lingo that goes with it? While our English "cheers" applies in some English-speaking destinations, most countries have their own preferred term in their native language. The slideshow below includes toasting terms in 20 languages around the world -- so even though you may not look or act like a local, you can drink like one.

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How To Say Cheers In Every Language