Beyoncé Sculpted In Cheese Is Strangely Alluring

It's so Gouda.

Remember when Beyoncé was vegan? This is pretty much the opposite of that.

A London-based creative agency teamed up with a group of artists and designers to create Queen Bey’s likeness in cheese. We can’t decide if we want to eat this replica, aptly titled “Brie-Oncé,” or preserve it until the end of time.

Mancheg-ohhh yes.
The Robin Collective
Mancheg-ohhh yes.

The sliceable sculpture is modeled after Beyoncé’s iconic pregnancy announcement in February. It’s made from about 45 pounds of cheddar cheese and took 28 hours to create. (And they say Rome wasn’t built in a day!)

Brie-Oncé, which was created for The Robin Collective by sculptors David Bradley and Jacqui Kelly, creative director Brandy Klingelpuss and designers Guy Roberts and Robin Fegen, will be on display at a wine and cheese festival in London this weekend.

“Hopefully she won’t lose her formation,” The Robin Collective’s Rosa Holmes told HuffPost. We’re melting.

The delicious-looking statue is a genius combination of two universally loved entities, and we have to admit everyone involved did a ***flawless job. Beyoncé was always the G.O.A.T., but now she’s the G.O.A.T. cheese, too.

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