'Cheese Curls Of Instagram' Art Will Make You Love Cheetos Even More

Get ready to have your mind blown.

Have you ever looked for shapes in the clouds? How about in a bag of Cheetos? One Instagram user, known only by his account name, cheesecurlsofinstagram, is about to rock your world. In one of the best uses of Instagram we've ever seen, Cheese Curls Of Instagram shares photos of Cheetos that look like stuff -- and they're amazingly realistic.

The mastermind behind Cheese Curls Of Instagram is a mechanical engineer who merely looks for shapes in the Cheetos bags he buys and saves ones that look interesting. He doesn't doctor the shapes or photos he takes at all. "These are pictures of Cheetos that I have found to resemble something. Neither the Cheetos nor photos have been modified in any way," his Instagram account states.

The project began when he was working so hard that he wasn't taking breaks to eat full meals, and instead started snacking on Cheetos, he told Yahoo Canada News in an email.

It all started when he found "Sasquatch":

Then he found another mythical creature:
"Loch Ness Monster"

And a dinosaur:

You see what you want to see, apparently. (And this is all getting way too meta.) Cheese Curls Of Instagram's photos aren't just great for the Cheetos' eerie similarity to the objects they resemble. They also have hilariously fitting descriptions accompanying each photo.

The Instagrams are culturally relevant:
"After Completing a Double McTwist 1260, Shaun White, Facing Away, Prepares for a Flawless Landing"

And culturally awesome:
"Powered By 1.21 "Jigawatts" and Traveling at 88 MPH, Dr. Emmett Brown's Flux Capacitor Makes Time Travel Possible"

They're thought-provoking:
"The Execution-Style Killing of a Man for Being Different"

"That Moment When You See The Hand of An Old Lady In Front of You At The Checkout About To Drop A Pile of Pennies On The Counter"

"Jesse, The Dog Owned By The Pedophile, Herbert, That Lives Down The Street from The Griffins on Family Guy"

"New Jersey View of The Statue of Liberty"

"Gonzo of The Muppets"

And just plain cool:
"Hammerhead Shark"

Have you ever found something, or someone, crazy in a bag of Cheetos?

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