KFC's Cheese Donut Hits Stores In Indonesia (PHOTO)

This donut breaks all the rules.

Would you care for some cheese on your donut? If you do, hit up KFC locations in Indonesia, which recently introduced a donut topped with a mixture of shredded Swiss and Cheddar cheese.

Don't expect to find these in the U.S. anytime soon; KFC's stateside menus don't feature donuts, cheese-infused or otherwise. KFC stores in Indonesia, however, feature several varieties as part of its KFC Coffee menu. (KFC Coffee looks similar to McDonald's McCafe concept.)

But KFC isn't the only chain offering cheese-flavored donuts in Indonesia. The country's Dunkin' Donuts branch also offers several cheese-topped desserts.

Cheese-topped donuts may seem odd to Westerners, but at least one other Indonesian dessert is made with cheese: murtabak, a pancake of chocolate and cheese.


cheese donut

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