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Flat Pack Cheese Grater

We can't wait for this concept to hit the shelves.

The world of cheese graters is largely three-dimensional. You've got the box grater (which we're big fans of), the fancier rotary cheese grater and even the cheese mill. But when you live in a small space, a cumbersome item like a cheese grater becomes a major player in cupboard chaos. Sure, the microplane doesn't take up much space, but it grates too finely and takes longer than necessary.

Designer Ely Rozenberg offers a solution to this conundrum with The Flexita.The Flexita is a concept design cheese grater that can change from two to three dimensions thanks to the use of harmonic steel -- a metal that has a "memory" and returns to its original flat shape after bending. The grater flattens for easy storage and folds into a box shape with handles for grating.

One more thing we like about the Flexita: its flat shape makes for easy clean up.


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