Your Cheese Might Be Covered In Mites, And That's A Good Thing

Teeny, tiny spiders are the biggest cheese lovers.

It's time to lift the cheesecloth from over your eyes and become aware of just what exactly you're eating next time you shovel cheese into your face. Bottom line, spiders. Or microscopic creatures that resemble teeny, tiny spiders. If you don't keep up with news on French cheese imports (and we seriously don't blame you for not doing so) you probably have no idea about the mites -- yes, MITES -- that are living on some of our favorite cheeses. These living organisms are causing the FDA to ban some of the best cheeses we get from France.

Before you pull your hair out in horror, know this: cheese would not be as good without the help of these spidery mites. If you talk to any serious cheese nerd they will tell you that cheese, like fruits and vegetables, is very much alive. The molds, bacteria, yeasts and mites make cheese what it is: delicious.

You see, mites love cheese -- much like us -- and they want to eat it too -- again, a lot like us. Lucky for them, they thrive in the damp, cool atmospheres where cheeses are stored and aged. (If only we didn't find basement-type environments so creepy.)

Cheese mites are most famously found on Mimolette (pictured above), but they're also present and responsible for the great flavor of many other cheeses, like Comte. In cases like Mimolette, their appetite is welcome because they help create the floral, earthy flavor we've come to appreciate in this cheese. But in other cheeses -- like Parmesan -- measures have to be taken to stop the mites from devouring blocks upon blocks of our beloved cheese. That's why this cheese is often oiled.

If the thought of mites on your cheese gives you vegan thoughts, don't give up dairy just yet. The FDA is fighting the mites with all their strength so you can eat cheese without tiny spiders. But if you should find yourself in a country where cheese rules (and flavor too), man up and take a bite. Every mite you eat is more than worth it for the flavor of a perfectly aged Mimolette.

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Before You Go

Paski Sir
Paksi Sir, you little Croatian minx. You look pretty drab at the cheese counter with your not-particularly-lovely yellow-brown insides. But maybe that's just because you're hiding your beauty from undeserving suitors. But we get you. We like you. We're proud to take your buttery self to the dance.
Brebirousse D'Argental
It's time to stop letting boring French brie cheeses get all the attention. Brebirousse D'Argental, you are gooey and complex, two most excellent attributes. Perhaps it is thanks to the sheep's milk, which is richer and creamier than cow's milk. Or maybe it is your pretty orange rind. Either way, we're hooked.
Ossau Iraty
Ossau, you may not be as splashy as Parmigiano or Gruyere, but you are every bit as loved. In fact, we've found that once you go Ossau, you don't go back. You start out subtle, perhaps a little shy. But then it's like, BAM! Ossau, you're here and you're playing for keeps. You've nourished our souls and won our heart.
Purple Haze
It's hard to choose just one goat cheese from Cypress Grove. But Purple Haze, your funky coating of fennel pollen and lavender proves that you know how to party. Especially when crackers are around.
Pecorino Foglia Noce
We don't let those dried walnut leaves on your outsides distract us from the beauty of your insides. Your milkiness enraptures us, and we wish you weren't available only seasonally. Until we meet again...
Okay, fine, we know that we have to compete with everyone else for you already. You're a sultry one, with your oozing stracciatella insides. Sure, on the outside, you just look like plain mozzarella. But you let your secret out pretty quickly. And you don't even mind -- you like being an indulgent tease, don't you? We'll take your bait, though.
Uniekaas Reserve
Flickr: gezellig-girl
You're a mature Dutch maiden who knows that age is not a bad thing -- you're far superior to your youthful sister (i.e. non-aged Gouda). We find ourselves munching on a piece, then another one and then another one. Uniekaas Reserve, never leave us. We promise to always love you, even in your old age.

Flickr: gezellig-girl
La Tur
La Tur, you entice us with your cow-goat-sheep milk combination. You're a smooth talker, with a bloomy rind that makes us quiver. We know that you and hard crackers kind of have a thing, but sometimes we just want you all to ourselves.