10 Cheeses You Are Probably Pronouncing Wrong (PHOTOS)

Don't let a couple of crazy vowels stand between you and delicious cheese.

We have faced this conundrum a lot of times: we're standing in front of a large cheese counter (arguably one of our favorite places on earth). There is a cheese we've never seen, or a cheese we've been desperate to try, but the name is so unpronounceably crazy that we don't even know how to ask for it. If this has ever happened to you, and especially if it has ever kept you from a delicious cheese, we have to talk about cheese pronunciation.

The cheddars, mozzarellas, gruyeres, bries and fetas in our lives make us really happy, but there's a whole world of other cheeses with trickier names that frequently get mispronounced. Here are 10 both common and uncommon cheese names you may be pronouncing wrong, or worse, not even asking for.

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For the last time, this is not pronounced "mars-capone." Who told you to do that? This Italian cream cheese is really pronouned mas-car-PONE-ay. Don't get it twisted.
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This well-loved Dutch cheese is most frequently pronounced GOO-duh in the US. If you want to nail the real Dutch pronunciation, it's pronounced GHOW-da (with the GH making the same kind of noise in your throat you do when you say challah). We don't blame you if you stick to what you know on this one.
Ossau Iraty
This French sheep's milk cheese is pronounced oh-so IRR-a-tee and you should definitely try some.
Fromager d'Affinois
This creamy, runny French cheese is pronounced fro-maj-EH dafeen-WAH. It is probably the closest you can get to it being socially acceptable to eat straight butter.
This French goat cheese is pronounced shah-bee-SHOO, and it is one of the cutest little buttons around.
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This soft, French, cow's milk cheese is pronounced reb-low-shawn. True Reblochon is banned in the US because it is a raw milk cheese with a higher likelihood of spoilage, but there are a few good impostors like Preferes de Montanges for when you need to make a tartiflette (which, in our case, is immediately).
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This Italian stretched curd cheese is pronounced KOTCH-eeoh-ka-vallo. It's like an extra funky, extra delicious aged provolone and melts beautifully.
Delice de Bourgogne
This French triple creme cheese is pronounced DEE-leese duh BORE-GO-nyah. Remember what we said about Fromager d'Affinois? Triple that for this unbelievably rich and delicious cheese.
Crème Fraîche
Don't let the diacritics freak you out, this French soured cream is just pronounced krem fresh. Say it, use it, love it.
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This is one of the world's most popular blue cheeses, but the name still freaks people out. It's pronounced ROKE-fohr (but if you want to sneak a T on the end, we won't tell on you).

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