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Would You Eat This $13 Bacon Cheeseburger-Stuffed Donut?

This donut has gone too far.

Whether they're hot out of the fryer at Krispy Kreme or freshly-baked at home, donuts are easily one of our favorite fried foods.

But sometimes, our love just can't handle donuts when they go too far. Case in point: the cheeseburger-stuffed glazed donut covered in chocolate bacon bits. Only in America.

The donut's full name is actually "The D'Oh Nut," and you can order it at PYT in Philadelphia for a nice chunk of change -- $13, to be exact.

It's no surprise that PYT decided to combine a beef patty with American cheese and a sprinkling of chocolate-covered bacon; after all, the restaurant already has Krispy Kreme Sliders with Chocolate-Dipped Bacon on the menu. Just be sure to tip well, as NFL player LeSean McCoy didn't and ended up making national news.

(h/t Foodbeast)

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