'CheeseburgerOs,' Newest Flavor In 20 Years From SpaghettiOs, Make Their Debut

SpaghettiOs are a powerful symbol of American food. They are the epitome of convenience. Kids love them. And they don't actually taste that bad, if you don't mind that overly processed, slightly aluminum taste.

For the first time in over 20 years, the brand has debuted a new variety: CheeseburgerOs.


It's almost as if Campbell's, SpaghettiOs parent company, just spit in the face of all these current food trends of healthier and more sustainable fare. Why offer organic food when you can put meat in a can?

While this offering seems to be at odds with Campbell's attempt to get more "hip," sometimes it's money that does the talking. Last year, the brand sold more than 120 million cans.

The company has experimented with different flavors before, too, such as PizzOs and CheesOs. SpaghettiOs has been in existence since 1965.

Take a look at the brand over the years: