There’s A Reason This Easy Cheesecake Recipe Is Going Viral

Game. Changer.

Cheesecake, in its most traditional form, can be quite the labor of love. Not only is it time consuming and fragile (there’s a very real crack risk), the recipes themselves can be extremely complicated.

This, friends, is not one of those recipes.

A Japanese cheesecake recipe, shared by Epicurious, involves just three ingredients: melted white chocolate, cream cheese and eggs. The result? Fluffy, creamy, heavenly goodness that would impress even “The Golden Girls.”

After fluffing the egg-whites and mixing all the ingredients together, it takes just 45 minutes to bake and 15 minutes to rest before serving, making it perfect for an impromptu dinner party ― if you can wait for your guests to arrive before eating it all yourself.

Check out the delicious, super simple recipe above.

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