'Cheeto Cannon' Is Hilariously Impractical (VIDEO)

WATCH: This 'Cheeto Cannon' Is Hilariously Impractical

We've got to hand it to Zach Mander, host of Australian program Nite Alive with Zach on 96five Brisbane Radio. The man is really willing to put himself on the line in the name of comedy. Such is clear with Mander's demonstration of a homemade "Cheeto cannon," which has hilarious consequences.

As Mander explains, the "cannon" is actually a jerry-rigged air compressor with a paper nozzle. Unfortunately for him, the thing doesn't seem to work all that well -- by the video's end, his face is covered with Cheetos dust.

But don't despair, Zach. You may not make millions on this invention, but you've made us laugh.


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