Please, For The Love Of Snacks, Don't Curl Your Hair With Cheetos

Even if it works spectacularly well.

Cheetos are delicious. Cheetos are polarizing.

Cheetos are, contrary to the tutorial you are about to see, not hair tools. Cheetos, we repeat, are not hair tools.

Unless you’re YouTuber Bunny Meyer a.k.a. Grav3yardgirl, who proved that in addition to being greasy, cheesy and delicious, they can help achieve a pretty epic curl, too.

With puffy Cheetos, an entire pack of bobby pins and 45 minutes (plus another over 30 under a blow dry bonnet), Meyer set out to see if she could actually use Cheetos as hair curlers without looking, dare we say, cheesy. And yes, we must admit we were surprised by the results (”I look like Robert Plant”! Meyer said gleefully at one point).

But if the thought of perfectly coiled locks has you running out to the supermarket, consider the downsides: Cheetos dust, greasy hands, the fact that you’ll likely want to take a shower as soon as you’re finished.

So what sounds like the worst part? “The heated smell of Cheetos is not the most delightful thing you will ever smell in your life,” she digressed.

Meyer has also attempted curling her hair with marshmallows and tampons, which we might actually be a bit more likely to try (fewer crumbs).

We’re all about trying innovative new ways to spice up our beauty routines, but we think we’ll stick to non-edible options for now.

In Praise Of Curly Hair