Cheetos Mac And Cheese Makes Us Reconsider What We've Been Doing Our Whole Lives

How have we not been making this for years, and how quickly can we make up for lost time?

Some recipes are so obvious and brilliant that when we discover them we're almost ashamed we didn't think of them sooner. Cheetos macaroni and cheese is one of those recipes. Leave it to MUNCHIES, the food section of VICE that's home to some of the Internet's most indulgent and radical food stories, to share this amazing recipe.

MUNCHIES' Cheetos mac and cheese forces us to ask ourselves, "How have we been living all this time? Why weren't we making this every night of college and how soon can we start making up for lost time?"

Matty Matheson of MUNCHIES puts it this way: "This is the kind of mac and cheese recipe that will allow your freak flag to wave high."

The recipe is simple (and public service announcement: homemade mac and cheese is way easier than you think it is). In a nutshell, you make the cheese sauce, boil the macaroni, mix it all together and cover "every inch of the macaroni" with crushed up Cheetos.

Get the full recipe for Cheetos Mac And Cheese from MUNCHIES

The only qualm we have with this particular recipe is the choice of cheese. While we admit we understand it as an aesthetic choice, we'd prefer a different kind of cheese than cubed American. Of course, the beauty of cooking is that you can experiment with this recipe however you like. You can try out many types of cheeses and fill your after-hours with endless varieties of this ideal late-night food. You might even go so far as to use Flamin' Hot Cheetos for the crunchy crust. And if you're really clever, you'll sprinkle some Dorito's dust on top. Whatever you do, just don't use Sweetos.


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