Twitter Users Not Happy After Learning The Plural Form Of Cheez-It

Apparently, fans of the popular snack are not supposed to refer to it as “Cheez-Its” while eating more than one.
Cheez-It box
Cheez-It box

A lot of Twitter users are really salty after learning what to call a “Cheez-It” in its plural form.

Oklahoma plays Florida State in the Cheez-It Bowl on Thursday night in Orlando, Florida, and part of the excitement for the game included some hype for the game sponsor, “Cheez-It.”

But a rep for the popular square-shaped snack cracker may have left a bad taste in consumers’ mouths after insisting that it is improper to refer to them as “Cheez-Its” in their plural form.

That odd bit of news comes courtesy of Carter Karels, a beat writer for Florida State, who tweeted the shocking news on Tuesday that “one Cheez-It is a Cheez-It,” while “two or more of the Cheez-It are called ‘Cheez-It crackers,’ not Cheez-Its.”

Many Twitter users were understandably shocked by the news, and Kyle Koster of The Big Lead summed up why the plural form of Cheez-It was just lame:

“Everyone who has ever stuffed their face with those sharp, four-cornered morsels has referred to them as Cheez-Its. Because they are Cheez-Its.

“Hell, if someone called them ‘Cheez-It crackers’ you’d probably ask them to leave your house. Or at the very least wonder silently about what chain of events in their life sent them down such a troubling path.”

HuffPost reached out to Cheez-It for confirmation on whether the company was seriously insisting that “Cheez-It crackers” are the proper term, but no one immediately responded.

However, Twitter users did.

And they weren’t impressed.

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