Chef Che Food Truck Offends Cuban-American Population In Southern California

VIDEO: 'Chef Che' Food Truck Offends Cuban-Americans With 'Fidel Castro Empanada'

Food trucks have grown up, and some are going to college--which may explain why this food truck has donned the equivalent of a Che Guevara t-shirt. For the past two months, the Che Truck has been driving around Irvine with a huge silhouette of the freedom fighter/mass murderer (depending on your point of view) and serving snacks like the "Fidel Castro empanada." Some Cuban-Americans in Irvine have expressed offense.

Fox LA reports that the truck's owners, a husband and wife team, have "put everything into the truck venture," and that wife Carolina Hernandez apologizes for any offense: "I apologize to anyone who I may have offended. That was not my intention. My intention is to come out feed the masses and see people enjoy a good plate of food."

Grubstreet LA is skeptical of restaurateurs who disavow any political stance: "If owners insist they are not being political or have no clue about the painful history many of our fellow Angelenos have lived through, why veer towards such images in the first place?"

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