Chef Ludo Lefebvre Brings 'Ludo Bites America' To Denver, Shoots Buffalo, Eats Its Still Warm Heart (VIDEO)

Television chefs always seem to be pushing the limits, but chef Ludo Lefebvre really takes the cake, or heart, rather, this time. This week on his hit cooking show “Ludo Bites America,” chef Ludo visits Denver on the hunt for the ultimate Rocky Mountain dining experience.

Ludo begins with Denver’s legendary Biker Jim’s Gourmet Hot Dogs and is so inspired by Biker Jim’s reinventing of the bread and sausage dish that he wants to take it a step further -- by creating a high-end menu of wild game meats, starting with the Colo. buffalo.

Out in the plains, Ludo goes buffalo hunting, shoots one himself and eats its still warm heart while the buffalo carcass hangs next to him. It’s extreme, but it’s also Ludo paying his respects to the Native American cultures that used to do the same as a way to honor the slain beast.

You won’t believe your eyes. The video is tasteful (pun intended), but not for the squeamish or faint of heart.