Chef Roblé Shares Three Simple Tricks For Making Your Fave Holiday Dish A Tad Healthier

Your holiday recipes need a remix.

The holidays are not only known for presents and mistletoe, but also for packing on the pounds from indulging in delicious seasonal treats. But don't lose all hope -- it turns out that celebrity chef Roblé Ali has three simple tricks for "remixing" any holiday recipe so that it's healthier, but still tasty.

"What we want to do is eliminate a lot of fat and sugars from some of the things we're cooking," Roblé told The Huffington Post in a telephone interview.

What are some of his secrets for whipping up a healthy holiday meal?

  1. Substitute sour cream for heavy cream and butter. "Sour cream is lower in fat than either of those," Roblé said.

  • Try sautéing instead of boiling vegetables. "They cook just as quickly if not quicker," Roblé said, "and they keep their texture."
  • Watch your salt intake by adding a squeeze of lemon to accentuate flavor instead of adding that extra pinch of salt. "I’d rather under-season than over-season when it comes to salt, you can always add more salt but never take it out," Roblé said. "Lemon juice accentuates the flavors just as well."
  • Now that you know his secrets, check out the videos below to watch Chef Roblé share three holiday recipes -- spiced ham; Brussels sprouts with crispy onions and raisins; and herb-roasted potatoes with sour cream. Yum!

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