'Chef' Star Talks About Sofía Vergara's Reaction To His Marriage Proposal (VIDEO)

"Chef" star Emjay Anthony may only be 10, but he’s not afraid to fight for Sofía Vergara’s heart.

In his new indie comedy, Jon Favreau ("Elf", "Iron Man") gives audiences a mouth-watering glimpse at life on the kitchen “line.” In an interview with The Huffington Post, Anthony spoke about what it was like to taste the film’s signature cuban sandwiches and work with the Colombian actress.

Favreau leads the cast in the family comedy as Chef Carl Casper, a once rising star who feels creatively constrained by his boss (Dustin Hoffman) while working at a prominent Los Angeles restaurant. One big social media mishap later, Casper must quit his job and go back to rekindle his creative spark with the help of his best friend Martin (John Leguizamo), ex-wife Inez (Vergara) and son.

In "Chef", Anthony ("It’s Complicated") has plenty of mother-son moments with the “Modern Family” star but he revealed that he was speechless when he first met the actress. The shock wore off quickly, however, when the actor decided to pop the question.

“I proposed to her, I made a little origami ring out of a dollar bill,” Anthony told HuffPost. “I said: ‘Sofía Vergara, will you marry me?’”

The young "Chef" star acted out Vergara’s reaction to the proposal and it seems her fiancé Nick Loeb will continue to be her main man.

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Anthony also revealed that while he is a social media guru in the movie, he isn’t a big fan of sites like Facebook or Twitter in real life but recognizes their benefits and drawbacks.

“Advantages [of social media] is you get to get the word out about whatever you’re talking about, but the bad news is you can get humiliated,” Anthony said, referring to some of the events in the movie.

“Chef” opens in theaters nationwide on May 9.



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