Chefs To Honor The Late Anthony Bourdain With A Day Of Tribute On June 25

Chefs Eric Ripert and José Andrés are celebrating the late CNN "Parts Unknown" host on what would have been his 63rd birthday.

As the first anniversary of Anthony Bourdain’s death approaches, two of his friends, who are also world-renowned chefs, have decided to pay tribute to him with an unofficial holiday.

Chefs José Andrés and Eric Ripert announced on Thursday that June 25 will be Bourdain Day, urging others to celebrate Bourdain’s memory using that hashtag. June 25 falls on what would have been 63rd birthday of the famed restaurateur and food/travel show host.

Andrés and Ripert offered up a messy toast to Bourdain and asked others to do the same on the date.

“We want all of you to celebrate Tony’s life,” Andrés said in the video. To which Ripert added: “By cheering to Tony anywhere you want with anyone you want.”

Bourdain’s career as a chef and host of CNN’s Emmy-winning show “Parts Unknown” touched many people’s lives.

Bourdain became known for his bold personality and raw perspective on the culinary world and life in general. As he traveled the world, Bourdain also built a name for himself as a chef’s best friend.

The Culinary Institute of America, where Bourdain graduated from in 1978, also plans to join the celebratory tribute with a scholarship in his name for study-abroad programs with the school, according to Today Food.

Ripert told “Today” that they chose to honor Bourdain on the 25th instead of June 8, the date in 2018 when Bourdain died, so people would focus on the gifts he brought to the world during his career.

“We decided to celebrate his birthday instead of June 8 — because that was obviously a sad day — to highlight his many contributions,” chef Ripert told the news site. “We don’t want people to take advantage of it [Bourdain’s death]. That’s why we have been proactive in creating this day. We have made it easy for everyone to celebrate Anthony.”

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